30 August, 2016

LostWakeUp is a classic Jump&Run combined with portalgun-mechanics in a completely handdrawn postapocalyptic setting.

Uh, yeah, and it is DARN difficult.


2085. Overpopulation on earth has been unstoppable. People all over the world suffer as hunger crises strike. New Gorad. 200 million residents live inside the city borders of New Gorad. Chemicals and industrial waste poison the ground water. Fresh water does not reach the inner city anymore. Millions face their inevitable death, if there will be no aid. But there is hope: Pure Blue 1.

It is day three after the initiation of Pure Blue 1. But something went wrong.

Meet Oscar, who has been struck down by a mysterious disease. As he barely recovers, he finds New Gorad deserted…


WASD – Basic Movement (Alternative: Arrow Keys)
Space – Jump
LMB – Place Portals (Portal Gun needed)







The story of LostWakeUp is framed by the omnipresent signs of the BlueTec Corporation, the producers of Pure Blue 1. As you follow the protagonist along, it is soon clear that something went terribly wrong – the escalating destructions of the signs bear witness to that. But what happened?

Find it out!